Named for the national park on Mount Desert Island in Maine where Claudia, Tim, and family spent many summers, this tiny house offers a sleeping cove (reached by a few steps, rather than a ladder) that can also be used as a small hang out space. In Japanese fashion, the bed can be rolled up during the day. This house also has a larger bathroom, and a lofted storage space.


Main Living and Sleeping Area

Lofted Storage Space

When choosing fixtures and appliances, we have given careful consideration to sustainability and overall energy use. Our Acadia Model INcludes the Following

  • Walls, floor and roof are made with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Low Voltage LED light fixtures
  • A 12V DC portable fridge/freezer
  • Butcher block kitchen counters
  • 2 burner propane cook top
  • Stainless steel kitchen sink
  • 42 gallon freshwater tank
  • Hot water on-demand
  • Shower
  • Composting toilet

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