Sustainability – or better yet, thrivability – is not just about living more simply (though that’s certainly a big part of it!). We design and build quality tiny homes that are not only built sustainably, but continue to have a minimal, and potentially positive, environmental impact when in use.

To that end, we do our best to construct using local or recycled materials, as well as local labor, in order to minimize our carbon footprint and to help bolster our local economy.

Our tiny homes are built with passive house standards in mind, meaning that we pay close attention to insulation and building envelope in order to ensure that minimal energy input is needed to heat and cool the space.

While our homes can be connected to the grid (much like trailer homes), we build our tiny homes with fully integrated systems that have the capability to function off grid. Solar panels provide energy for lights and electronics, a composting toilet system turns waste into useful material for the garden, a water tank that can be filled from the outside feeds into the sink and shower, and a rain barrel collects rainwater from the roof.

As architects, we understand that comfort and aesthetics matter, so we design our tiny homes with people in mind. Our tiny homes get plenty of natural light and have comfortable spaces for sleep, work, and leisure.